ATLA 2015 - Introduction to BIBFRAME

Earn your Open Badge!

You can earn your participation open badge for this presentation, Introduction to BIBFRAME, by following these steps:

  1. Create a Mozilla Open Badge Backpack Account
  2. To earn your Open Badge, you'll first need to register for an Mozilla Backpack with an email account.

  3. Send email
  4. Send an email (with the same address you used to register for your Mozilla Backpack account) to with the subject Request for ATLA Open Badge

  5. Receive Participation Open Badge Image
  6. In next couple of days, you'll receive a reply email with an attached image of your earned Open Badge

  7. Upload your Badge to your Backpack Account
  8. After you receive your badge image, log into your OpenBadge Account and upload the image you received in the mail.


You just earned your ATLA 2015 Introduction to BIBFRAME open badge.