What will cover the workshop cover?
An introduction to the core concepts of Library Linked Data with a focus on the BIBFRAME and other related vocabularies. This workshop includes both theory and the opportunity to create BIBFRAME entities from participant supplied MARC records.
Why it will be of interest to the Technical Services Interest Group and others?
With the Library of Congress creation and promotion of BIBFRAME Linked Data vocabulary to replace MARC, and OCLC
Anticipated learning outcomes
  • Understand RDF Graphs and Triples
  • BIBFRAME development to version 2.0
  • Conversion of MARC records to BIBFRAME
  • Other uses Library Linked Data
  • Cloud hosted BIBCAT instances of participants collections
Qualifications to speak on this topic
Jeremy Nelson is the Metadata and Systems Librarian at Colorado College, a four-year private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs. In addition to working 8 hours a week on the library's research help desk, providing information literacy instruction to undergraduates, and supervising the library's systems and cataloging departments, Nelson is the CTO of Knowledgelinks.io and is actively researching and developing various components and open-source tools in the Catalog Pull Platform for use by Colorado College, the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries Consortium, and the Library of Congress.
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