Code4Lib 2017 Preconference

Building Bibliographic RDF Applications and Microservices

Jeremy Nelson
Metadata and Systems Librarian, Colorado College & CTO,

Colorado College

Colorado College ETD

Blazegraph Triplestore, Fedora 3.8, RDF Framework

This application allows seniors at Colorado College to self-submit their thesis along with any accompanying datasets, video, or audio to Colorado College's Fedora-based institutional repository.

Source Code Repository Live Application
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

Colorado Alliance BIBCAT Pilot

Blazegraph Triplestore, RDF Framework, BIBCAT

Using selected MARC records from Colorado College and the University of Colorado Boulder that were generated from the Alliance's Gold Rush comparison service, this project uses the BIBCAT to transform MARC records into BIBFRAME Linked Data. The RDF data is published to the web as JSON-LD for indexing by Google, Bing, and other search engines. BIBCAT uses RDF rules that map MARC fields and subfields to BIBFRAME 2.0 entities and properties.

Source Code Repository Live Application - DPLA Service Hub for Colorado/Wyoming
Blazegraph Triplestore, RDF Framework, BIBCAT

A State Library of Colorado sponsored effort to aggregate the metadata from across different libraries and museums in Colorado and Wyoming and provide a JSON-LD DPLA Map v4 feed to DP.LA.

Source Code Repository Live Application


Setup Environment

We will go through the steps for setting up an development environment to build RDF Applications.


Creating a Knowledge Graph

We will create a knowledge graph of your institution using RDF Turtle notation, and BIBFRAME vocabularies.


Ingesting MARC Records

Using example MARC21 records from various institutions (including your own if you have them!), we will ingest these MARC records into RDF Triples that is stored in your triplestore.


Ingesting Metadata

Based upon the work being done for the DPLA Service Hub project, we will experiment with ingesting different metadata vocabularies and formats into our RDF triplestore.