Building Bibliographic RDF Applications and Microservices - DPLA Service Hub for Colorado & Wyoming

This project uses BIBCAT to transform different formats and vocabularies from multiple sources including Denver Public Library's RDF Dublin Core, Colorado College and University of Wyoming MODS metadata, and a metadata provided as custom CSV file from the History Colorado museum into BIBFRAME 2.0 entities stored in a triplestore. BIBCAT uses RDF-based rules to ingest these sources while allowing for easy customization and modification through simple editing of RDF turtle file. - DPLA Service Hub for Colorado/Wyoming
Blazegraph Triplestore, RDF Framework, BIBCAT

A State Library of Colorado sponsored effort to aggregate the metadata from across different libraries and museums in Colorado and Wyoming and provide a JSON-LD DPLA Map v4 feed to DP.LA.

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Pilot Participants

Denver Public Library University of Wyoming Colorado College Marmot Library Network Colorado State Publication Library Wyoming State Library

Project Iterations

BML Iteration One


The first proof of concept for the project started in September of 2016 by extending BIBCAT. Sample records from participating institutions included Denver Public Library, University of Wyoming, the Marmot Library consortium, Colorado College, the Colorado State Publication Library, History Colorado Museum, and the State Library of Wyoming.

Based on these sample records, we took the approach of creating default RDF rules that then can be added to with custom RDF rules for specific jobs or workflows.

An lightweight web front-end that provides a ResourceSync feed that links to individual records that are in the DPLA Profile version 4 JSON format


All of the samples were ingested into a single triplestore with varying ingestion times.

Using Docker and Docker-compose speed up the development and deployment time for the application


Problems and inconsistencies in the source metadata can be ameliorate with specific RDF Rules but more work is needed by the source institutions to improve the quality of their provided metadata.

Some of the institutions do not have a publicly exposed URLs for their digital objects, which is a requirement for DP.LA inclusion. This is still an open issue.

BML Iteration Two


With the recent approval of Plains2Peaks Collective DP.LA service hub, the next phase will be to generate a 50,000 record pilot with source records from all of the participating institutions. This Build phase will also work with DP.LA to validate the ResourceSycnc feed of DP.LA MAP JSON format.

Thanks & Acknowledgments

Regan Harper

Regan Harper is the director of the Colorado State Library's Networking and Resource Sharing department …

Image of Leigh Jeremias

Leigh Jeremias

Leigh Jeremias is the Digital Collections Coordinator in the Colorado State Library's Networking and Resource Sharing department …


Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson is the System Administrator at the Colorado State Library's Networking and Resource Sharing department …

Image of Craig Haggit

Craig Haggit

Craig Haggit is the Senior Cataloger at Denver Public Library …