1. Main website for the Library of Congress BIBFRAME vocabulary.
  2. Fedora Commons Open-source digital repository software used as the backend for popular digital repository front-end frameworks like Islandora and Hydra.
  3. John Seely Brown and John Hagel III originated the concept of a Pull Platform, first in their 2008 article, From Push To Pull: Emerging Models For Mobilizing Resources and later fully developed in their 2010 book, The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly made, Can Set Big Things in Motion.
  4. Flask Python web microframework
  5. Flask-FedoraCommons Flask extension provides a Python wrapper around a Fedora Commons 4 repository.
  6. New TIGER Catalog, demonstration pilot catalog of Colorado College's current MARC collections based on the current bibliographic research being at the Tutt Library. Source code repository available at
  7. Web Editor - A simple, Flask based Web editor for the RDF vocabulary that allows triples to be applied to any new or existing Fedora 4 objects.