Guest Lecture DU LIS 4050

Library Technologies

Past, Present, & Tomorrow

Jeremy Nelson
Metadata & Systems Librarian, Colorado College
Co-founder, CTO KnowledgeLinks


Brief History of Library Technology Go

Quick overview of library technology prior to the 1970s.

Integrated Library Systems (ILS) Go

Integrated Library Systems (ILS) started development in the 1970s and 1980s and continues today.

World Wide Web Go

With the explosive growth of World Wide Web starting in the 1990s, library systems struggled to keep up.

Digital Repositories & Discovery Layers Go

Institutional Repositories and Discovery Layers are newer library systems

Linked Data & the Semantic Web Go

Linked Data is the core technology enabling future library systems and the semantic web.

BIBCAT - Catalog Pull Platform Go

BIBCAT open-source project drives the Catalog Pull Platform, a newer way of developing library applications