Fedora 4 is a latest version of the popular Fedora Commons Digital Repository software, the backend for Islandora.
Linked Data is a way to represent and management metadata at more granular layer and is based on the concept of triple statement made up of subject, predicate, and object.
BIBFRAME Linked Data is a web-based standalone editor, developed by the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework (BIBFRAME) Initiative, that has been forked to include a node.js Fedora 4 backend.
Schema.org Editor is a Flask-HTML5 application that allows users to add and edit schema.org metadata for Fedora Objects.
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About this Presentation

Fedora 4.0 offers exciting new possibilities for libraries to expose existing collections as library linked data

Fedora Commons, the underlying digital repository server software used by Islandora, is in current beta release for its next major release, version 4.0.