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The world around us is changing. Long-term trends, driven by public policy and the exponential rate of change in the digital infrastructure, are fundamentally altering the global business environment. We initially respond to these changes by working harder within existing institutions and practices. The result is diminishing performance and mounting stress. Until we understand the nature of those changes and evolve our institutions and practices accordingly, we won't be able to effectively harness new capabilities and turn stress into success.

Features & Functionality in our

Future Library Systems

Jeremy Nelson
Metadata and Systems Librarian
Colorado College

What questions should we be asking about the features and functionality of future library systems? Today we will explore three ongoing themes that impact libraries and their patrons. Each theme prompts us to ask different questions about what we should expect from our future library systems.

Our Future tracks the book

While libraries pre-date the book, for the past few centuries as the central repository of monographs for our communities dominated our identity. Just in the past ten years has the book started to shifting to new, more online forms that split the content from the print format.

Discovery happens elsewhere…

While it shouldn't be too controversial to state that many of our potential library patrons will find our collections through these sources beside our catalogs and discovery services:

…but local is needed more than ever

The library is becoming the center of creative activity in our communities through the library's emerging roles as an open access journal publisher, digital archivist through institutional repositories, and as experimental manufacturers using 3-D printers in library MakerLabs.

One Approach to Future Library Systems

Inspired by Lean Startup and Lean Manufacturing concepts; the Catalog Pull Platform is taking an alternative approach to library technology and systems. Instead of trying to anticipate demand through "pushing" services and technology to our patrons and staff, the Catalog Pull Platform identifies and responding to needs and demands for library technology by "pulling" directly from various constituencies in our libraries.

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